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Welcome to Imotski, the „Town on the Hills“!
Thursday, 19 August 2004 21:11

imotskiImotski is an old town, situated in the south of the Republic of Croatia, at the intersection between Dalmatinska zagora and Bosnia and Herzegowina. It was first mentioned in 950 by the Byzantinian emperor and historian Constantine Porfirogenet in his literary work De administrando imperio.

Thanks to its climate and urban architecture of the old town centre, Imotski can be characterized as a coastal town. Steep narrow streets as well as houses and stairs made of stone testify to the former looks of this place. The old town centre has been placed on the natonal register of historic places and put under protection. Several buildings with beautiful Secessionist facades and wrought iron fences tell us about style streamings which didn't miss this region either.

According to the census from 2001, there are 10,111 inhabitants living in Imotski, whereby about 5,000 live in the old town centre. In the whole area of Imotska krajina, there are about 32,000 inhabitants.

povijest-topanaThe Topana Fortress, overlooking the town, was built in the 10th century and had an extraordinary strategic significance in the past. Being well-preserved and offering a magnificent view of the town and Blue Lake, it is very attractive to the visitors today. Inside the fortress, there is a votive church dedicated to Our Lady of Angels, the patron saint of Imotski. Several cultural and artistic events take place around the fortress walls in the summertime. Coming down the 92 stairs made of stone in the 18th century, you arrive at the Main square, named after the great Croatian poet Tin Ujeviæ, originating from Imotski, too.

modro_cvijet Under the Topana Fortress, there is Blue Lake, the favourite promenade and the main bathing place during the summer in Imotski. Winding serpent lanes lead to its clean water surface. Not far from it (ca. 1,5 km) there is Red Lake, the deepest Karst lake in Europe. This depression is 528 m deep, whereby the depth of the water reaches up to 300 m with the bottom under the sea level. There are several legends connected to the origin of the lakes in Imotska krajina which were mostly formed by tectonic implosion of underground caves. There are also legends about the haughty Gavan and about Hasanaginica, the woman celebrated in a folk ballad, which has been translated in most of the world languages. According to this story, Hasanaginica's grave is probably located on the edge of Blue Lake.

Apart from its natural beauties and varieties, Imotski offers high-quality hotel accommodation, excellent gastronomic specialties  and the possibility  of tasting high-quality wine sorts and the first Dalmatian champagne. Those, who would like to get an insight into the former life style of this area, can visit our ecological villages. Lots of cultural and artistic events  held throughout the  year, especially during the summer, are worth visiting.

Having valuable resources at its disposal, Imotski might become one of the most attractive inland destinations. The most beautiful invitation card to visit Imotski was written by the great poet Tin Ujeviæ in his poem „A Pilgrimage  through Zagora“. starceviceva_noc

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